Cartouche LAPêche Montreuil

Report – LaPêche

It happened in La Pêche, on Saturday, January 28, 2017, in Montreuil, at home! La Pêche is a very nice “small” room in Montreuil that has seen a lot of pros or rock bands, ska, reggae, rap… There are concerts and rehearsal studios. Do not hesitate to contact them. Thanks to Philippe for opening the doors and supporting us in this joint project that we proposed, especially with Angela de Julie Colère.

So it went as we expected and wanted. A bunch of friends from Montreuil on stage, with the Julie Colère, and in the room filled with famous heads and friends. To end the evening, the lovely and medieval and sailor’s songs of Les Naufragés. What else! So much good mood and music played with the guts on stage! So obviously, in the room, it smiled, danced, roared.
All this can be seen in the beautiful pictures taken by Patrick Cockpit, Martin Barzilai. Thanks also Kriss Peeks for his work.

CaféLa Pêche | 2017

Photo : Patrick Cockpit – 2017