Punk HC Fest

Thursday 7 of july 2016, lets go for the D.I.Y Hard Core punk fest, in Gdynia, north of Poland, on the Baltic sea, the colour of which we shall never see. So far, but very enthusiastic to go! That’s the twelfth year of the festival, organized by DIY3M a collective booking local hardcore punk gigs in TriCity (Gdańsk-Sopot-Gdynia) area. They started to work together in 2001.

When we leave Montreuil this day, there are 1528 kilometers before arriving at our last destination. So, for sure, we stop on the way for 3 dates for gigs booked by old friends now (power of music!) in Bremen at the Breaking borders festival and in Berlin at the Köpi.

Saturday 9, we have no idea of the best way to go from Berlin, and then, after an advise (“take by the motorway, it’s longer, but better”), here we go! What the hell, such a crap road! The trafic is a nightmare, and after hours we arrive in Gdynia a 7pm, and the festival is already on. But what a good surprise there! Very good organized, lots of stalls and good vegan food outside, nice beer, such a good sound to play, and very nice people on the place whith who we share all the best we can do!
On sunday, after a good sleep in the forest, we choose to take the little road by the north, and that was the one! Beautiful, easy and we found good honey and mushrooms (for omelette…).

For sure, one of the best moment in Cartouche’s life! Bleed to Death post video with a good quality if you want have a little idea of it!