fires and flames festival 2016

Fire and flames festival

Yeah! Back again to Kiel, after 6 years! So happy to go to play for the Fire and flames festival!  We know that we are going to meet friends and that it will be full and nice. And yes, nice evening in this nice place squated since early 80’s, the Alte Meierei

First person we saw: Felix from Schwäbisch Gmund, who came to play with his band Gipsy Mafia. You know what, when we first met him years ago, he was a little adolescent, organizing events with his brother Fritz. And Tobi from the Higgins is playing in the band too.

Good bands, good vegan food (important!) and good atmosphere, we spent a very pleasant moment with you people!

But…Where was le punk bleu?! If you find him, tell him we regret he was not there this time!  Here a portrait taken the last time we played in Kiel in october 2010

le punk bleu Kiel
le punk bleu Kiel