Guts pie earshot + Cartouche-2019

East european tour october 2019

Cartouche gets back on the road and this time, in very good company: the Germans of Guts Pie Earshot and the second project of the group’s drummer, Unicorn Partisans. If we have to present Guts Pie Earshot, a German band created in 1993, I would say that we must first of all rush to listen!
Since in the hard-core, punk, crust, experimental scenes, where it evolves, the band detonates; with its cello embellished (or not) with multi effects and its battery (genius), with dub punk techno sounds, and whatever its formation: with a female voice, a bass, a keyboard, or currently cello/drums. In short, it is a joy for Cartouche to do his concerts with them.
And the tour will end with two concerts in Germany in the company of Unicorn Partisans, the disco punk techno duo project of Scheng Fou the drummer of GPE in duo with Tanya, former singer of the Russian group Peace Enforcement.