Cartouche Je trahirai demain

Je trahirai demain

2006 – After two years of music, brotherhood and sorority, the first album of Cartouche, whose name “I will betray tomorrow”, takes up that of the magnificent poem of resistance of Marianne Cohn, written in 1943, put into music in this first record.

There is also the story of José and Mohammed, retired miners; Cannelle, the Pyrenean bear murdered in 2004 by a hunter; of a Franco-Algerian love killed by the French police during the demonstration of October 17, 1961; of the insubordination of women and of two declarations of love: one to Paris and the other to the struggle and friendship.

This first opus was recorded and mixed in London by Paco de Inner Terrestrials and Chris. The 12 tracks available on CD and digital have kept their punk eighties sound compact and without frills.
Produced by the group, the disc is distributed by Maloka.