Cartouche A corps perdu

A corps perdu

2009 – Second opus, recorded and mixed in Paris by Lucas Chauvières, who has taken the overall level to a fuller and more powerful sound.

For this album, the band chose the title of “A corps perdu”, with a photo of Yann Levy, representing two boxers in the ring, metaphor of the until-boutism: write, compose, sing, fight until the last breath…

Improvised in studio and recorded in single take, The song of the jewish partisans of the Vilnius ghetto, “Zog nit keynmol”, written in 1943 following the Warsaw ghetto uprising by Jewish poet-resistance Hirsh Glik, which will become a hymn to resistance, the album closes.

Produced by Cartouche, the album is available in digital, cds and vynil (out of print since 2016) and distributed by Maloka, rastaquouère, General Strike, No Pasaran Records, Rudy’s back.