Cartouche-Bread and roses

Bread and roses

In this album, Recorded and mixed at the Studioscope in Angers, Cali was able to give both a punk and warm color to the 10 songs. 10 pieces at once melancholic and angry, but always tinged with hope. And always stories and encounters:

That of the exile of children on the road in search of a better life, who come despite all the barriers to pass in Europe.
That of every woman who once faced the prevailing machismo and that of those other women in India who revolt against their bosses and exploiters.
That of this mother elephant whose road stops after the fatal gun shot for the perverse and dominating pleasure of humanity.
That of the textile workers of Lawrence in Massachusetts who in 1912, take to their account the poem of James Oppenheim, “Bread & Roses”

I went through the books, I looked back in time
What drives men to bathe in blood
Their dream of freedom and I found nothing.
Then all we have left is to live intensely
To raise revolt as the only banner
Eternals unfriendly to our humanity
Poor lovers, living to death.

Produced by the band, the album is available in vynil, digital and CD and distributed by Maloka, Acontrariorecords, Zone Onze records, General Strike, Appel aux luttes and Rudy’s back.